Power Management System

We offer Power Management Systems for Steady load sharing between parallel Generating Sets, Parallel Operation with the grid, Import /Export Control Stabilise operation during islanding from the grid.

SPM-D2-10 Controller:

Woodward SPM-D2-10 series are microprocessor-based synchronizers designed for use on three phase AC generators and SPM-D2-11 is a microprocessor-based synchronizer designed for use on one- or three-phase.

SPM-A Controller:

Woodward's SPM-A speed and phase matching synchronizer provides automatic frequency and phase matching when used with 2301, 2301A, and EPG (Electrically Powered Governor) electric load sharing control systems.

DSLC-2 Controller:

The Woodward DSLC-2™ (Digital Synchronizer and Load Control) is a microprocessor basedsynchronizer and load control designed for use on three-phase AC generators. The DSLC- combines synchronizer, load sensor, load control, dead bus closing system, VAR, power factor and process control, all in one powerful package.

RGCP Controller:

Woodward's dual modular Redundant Genset Control Panel (RGCP) provides an additional layer of power system reliability in mission-critical applications such as data centers, hospitals, or critical industrial processes where the ost of an outage greatly exceeds the installed cost of a redundant control system.

MSLC-2 Controller:

Woodward's MSLC-2™ functions with the DSLC-2™ control to provide synchronization and load control across Utility and Intertie breakers. The MSLC-2/DSLC-2 combination operates over an Ethernet communication network to control simple or complex generator system applications.

easYgen-3000XT Controller:

Woodward easYgen-3000XT Series controllers operate gensets of all sizes and applications. These controllers include specifically designed algorithms and logic to start, stop, control, and protect the genset, circuit breaker, and the utility where applicable.

2301E Controller:

Woodward's 2301E provides load sharing and speed control of generators being driven by diesel or gaseous engines. With built-in flexible configuration software, application variations can now be selected using an external computer (PC).

LSM Controller:

Woodward's LSM (Load Sharing Module) provides isochronous and droop loadsharing capability for engines in generator set applications. Additional equipment in the control system can include the Woodward SPM-A synchronizer, import/export control, AGLC (automatic generator loading control), and APTL (automatic power transfer and loading control).

AGC-4 Controller:

DEIF offers a solar plant controller, ASC, which combines with AGC-4 to control Hybrid Power plants with DG/ TG sets operating in parallel with solar units.The Automatic Genset Controller, AGC-4, is a flexible genset control unit containing all necessary functions for protection and control of a genset. It is capable of delivering critical backup power, emergency power and standby power from an impressive six seconds while utilizing its close before excitation (run-up synchronization) and hot standby features.

ALC-4 Controller:

Ideally suited for critical power applications, DEIF ALC-4 integrates load handling into your power management system, eliminating the need for traditional PLC solutions. The ALC-4 improves system reliability and installs quickly while also reducing your investment and fuel costs compared to PLCs.

AGC-200 Controller:

Applying asymmetric load sharing to ensure optimal load on the genset, DEIF AGC 200 also cuts operating costs and reduces harmful emissions. With temperature dependent cooling, the AGC 200 arrests cooling at pre- programmed cool-down temperatures and features automatic priority selection, setting the optimum combination of gensets for optimized fuel consumption for upto 32 genset.




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