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Why choose INCH for your printed circuit board (PCB) repair? We've got more expertise, better equipment and more scalability than the next repair provider. Not only do we have millions of dollars in custom PCB repair and system test fixtures, but our Diagnosis Pinpoint Systems are the latest universal in-circuit test equipment available. When coupled with proprietary serial PCB testing techniques and surface-mount handling equipment, INCH can repair even the most advanced microprocessor or digital signal processor circuits. Our highly trained technicians are certified in ESD and IPC repair and rework standards, and routinely detect stressed components that others miss . Plus, after the repair is completed, your printed circuit board is functionality tested to ensure performance.

Keeping machine downtime to a minimum is important for any business. But having your own in-house maintenance team can be an expensive overhead. Our electronic and electrical repair and maintenance service is here when you need it. From call-outs to comprehensive service plans, we can provide whatever your electronics needs.

Every board that is repaired by us is serialized and tracked by computer to let us know when the board was received, repaired and shipped back to client. Each time a board is received into our repair department, its serial number hits our history file, and gives us the repair history of the board.

                                                    " Inch Offers a Wide Range of Process Control

                                                          And Instrumentation Equipment Repairs"

  The Advantages of Repair versus Engaging a PCB Design Service:-

Industrial Electronic Repair Services:-

Encoders                                                                                                  Temperature Controllers

Controller                                                                                                 CNC/VMC Controls Electronics

Power Card                                                                                              Industrial Power Supplies   

Test Equipments                                                                                      Display Systems  

Control System and PLC’s

Our Inch Digital Technologies Provide Total Solution in Fanuc.

Inch has built a solid reputation for its wide range of process control repair and instrumentation equipment repairs. Our experience in providing repair services to power plants  and  electronics industries  petrochemical refineries, food and beverage processors, as well as waste water, power and chemical plants gives us know-how for practically any application.

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